June 28, 2017


Family is so important.

Whether one lives 5 minutes away, 17+ hour, or in another continent keeping the lines of communication open have always been a huge part of my relationship with my family and friends. It might not be every day, week or month, but when we talk or get together it always seems as if we were never apart. We start conversations right from where we left off the last time we talked.

Having family and friends who care for one another and want the best for one another is all anyone wants! Right?

Well, 3 of my 4 children are all grown up, They live in three different states none of which I live in either. With a daughter getting ready to be stationed in Italy we will be even farther apart from one another.

How do we do it?

Well it’s not easy!

First we respect one another’s decisions, listen to each other, and are truly there for each other when we need each other. That may not always mean physically there, but supportive, emotionally, and willing to guide one another.

Second be their physically if you live close enough. If not there are many ways you can be there from far away!

Pick up the phone and call!!!

I don’t want the excuse : well I don’t want to bother them, ¬†they never call me, they are always busy, there is never a good time… ¬†These are just excuses. They want to be bothered by you once in awhile, calling goes both ways if you both said they never call me … then guess what nobody is going to call anyone. And of course they are always busy, life is busy don’t take it personal. As for a good time call, call anyway and leave a message, at least they know you tried. And if someone leaves a message on your phone and you can’t call back, text or email, they are just looking for some type of communication from you!

Text- everyone does it there is no excuse. Just send a smiley face to get the communication going.

Email- easy to say hello too!

Write a letter or send a package, this is the best way to show someone you care about you really care. In this day and age nobody does snail mail. So when one does get a package or card in the mail, they get filled with joy!


…and trust in the path that God has for each of us because no two path are exactly the same and if we push one another to do something that doesn’t want to be done … sports, music, drama… you’re only teaching resentment, anger, guilt, and many other negative feelings and behaviors that will only push each other farther away!

I am not a Dr. and don’t make myself out to be one by all means. I just listen,watch and learn from families, friends, and strangers, how people react to different situations.

Put some Joy into someone’s life today pick up the phone call or text, send a letter or better yet a package just because you care!

Family is so important, give someone you care about a hug today!


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